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Your Own Worst Enemy (Dirty Diamonds, 2005)

The song "Your Own Worst Enemy" from “Dirty Diamonds” is this week's focus. "Diamonds" is Cooper's 24th studio album and was released in 2005.  The album is a back to the basics Rock album.  It has no theme per se.  Some songs that we will most likely revisit from the album include: "Perfect", "The Saga of Jesse Jane"...

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How You Gonna See Me Now (From The Inside, 1978)

'From The Inside' was released in 1978. An expressive, autobiographical album which delivers tales and songs recounting Cooper's stay in a rehabilitation center to help cure his alcohol addiction. One of those songs is "How You Gonna See Me Now." Ultimately, His Savior, our Lord, intervened in a mighty and miraculous way - removing Alice's desire to drink completely. To this day...

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Social Debris (Detroit Stories, 2021)

Alice’s 21st solo album, “Detroit Stories,” will be released on February 26, 2021. Inspired by Alice’s hometown, Detroit, MI, the album pays homage to “the birthplace of angry hard rock,” as the Coop defines it. "Social Debris," is the fourth track on the album and was performed by the original members of the band with some help from Tommy Henriksen, Steven Crayn, and Rick Tedesco.

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